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Available at an amazingly affordable and friendly price, the SUV limo service in Tulsa is proudly presented to you by the Sky Limo to be there at every step of your way. With an environmentally friendly option, the SUV limo offers an ideal transportation for you and those whom you value as your passenger counterparts. Whether you are traveling to that place with unpredictable weather or you simply designed a pick up at a lounge, the limo is high-profile making it safe to traverse the roads regardless of the outer condition.

Our SUV limo service also offers more luggage capacity if consider traveling with a bag or two but that does not change how relaxing the ride will be to your destination. Feel free to hire SkyLimo for our SUV limo service in Tulsa when visiting a high profile club with your friends and relatives among other matters that would require a standing ovation for the appropriate candidates.

Our Suv limo service is perfect for Corporate Events

Hire us for our SUV limo service and we guarantee you will not be disappointed. You know, the first impression always counts. When it goes on to the second and third time, then you will know that we are partners to be taken seriously whenever that vital corporate meeting comes swinging your way. Your corporate leaders and valued employees will be impressed by the impression you make with the cool ride that drops you off and picks you up.  The option we offer:

  • Airport transfers
  • Dinner meeting travel
  • Night out on the town


We understand how tough funerals can be and we want to be there to help. We will take care of all driving for the day and make things as stress fee in regards to transportation as possible.

Business Travels

WIth our SUV limo service when you are looking towards a successful business trip. It allows you to make the most out of the travel period from the moment you left your collection point to the time you get to your destination. You are free to open your laptop or tablet to make sure all your professional responsibilities are handled while we conquer the hectic traffic. Arrive at your designated point and place on time, no stress or hassle involved, and no parking concerns to worry about. If you need us for the evening trip back home, we will be available for that call, come for you and drive you back home safely.


The SUV limo is there to accommodate a significant number of passengers with our fleet. We will handle all the transportation details you have at hand without much straining trying to accommodate everyone in your list. Just name the destination – that big game in the city, a ski getaway or a much-desired trip to a special place and we will be there for you.

Something worth remembering

Is it a rehearsal, wedding, graduation, proms or a birthday party? Our Tulsa SUV limo service is there to make the memory more memorable with the sophisticated ride. Elegance does not stop there – our highly trained professional drivers are there in tuxedos among any other appropriate attire suited for something made to remember. They also know how to add ‘special’ to a special event and keep it that way. What we guarantee is that our drivers have been scrutinized and found fit to promote comfortability.


Tours and Travels

Are you looking for a tour of Tulsa? That is where we come in with our SUV limo services to deliver a splendid long-awaited trip, to say the least. Our knowledgeable chauffeurs will take you everywhere you need to visit during the trip and guide you in every way.

A special event

You are looking forward to having fun and arrive home safely when attending a special event like a family reunion, a bachelor party or a fun night downtown. Our SUV limo service provides what you need and sees to it that your family, friends, and colleagues have the safest travel and time. Since the rule is not to drink and drive. We will there to pick you up and take you home or to the next location.






Why hire our SUV limo service in Tulsa?

  • Affordable: This is true, hiring our service will not hurt your pocket. It becomes easier when you split the cost with a group of friends who will accompany you.
  • Perfect move to bond with friends: Spending an evening in an SUV limo with some of the closest friends is a nice way to show affection and remind you why you are friends in the first place. It is somewhere to share laughs over a glass of wine or whiskey.
  • Very entertaining: With you and partners in the limo, most people would that a party on the wheels. The stretch comes equipped with everything that contributes to having a good time.
  • Romantic to your loved ones: The SUV limo service in Tulsa is one to target when having that wedding, anniversary or a special moment with the one you love. You will be enjoying the day over some music and drink, all set for the magic.
  • Practical indeed: Sometimes, a limo is the best way to travel when in the company of family or friends attending that school event where all of your kids are. With this, you save money by hiring one ride for all.
  • Uniqueness: It is an awesome idea to have an unexpected arrival to an event where your friends and relatives are waiting for you. There is also the advantage of having more company when driving back.

Other advantages include:

  • Making a good business sense
  • It is always an unforgettable trip
  • Hassle-free – no worries of parking space
  • Much fun!



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