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When you choose a luxurious car to hire for whatever reason that requires a driver, you get to experience the cost of luxury more than you probably expected. Whenever you feel that you need a comfortable car to pick you up and be driven to your special event, Sky Limo comes to you with SUV limo services in Tulsa area that make you travel in style, comfort, and luxury where ever you go.

We have worked hard ever since we began to ensure that our esteemed customers get what they pay for with a stress-free and much satisfaction ride. This has been expressed through our 5-star ratings on Google. We have been known for our discreet, superior service using the best equipment that is handled by our highly trained staff.

Your ultimate SUV limo service companion

You may have traveled in one of our luxury vehicles to take you out, shopping trip or, anything among many other reasons you might need to be chauffeured around in style. Most limo services fail to reach what their clients wish for due to soaring prices. We offer affordable and competitive prices for the same services that our competitors’ offer is hence giving us a unique position of being your best option whenever you consider hiring a stylish SUV chauffeur. You ride in style when you ride with us.  It doesn’t matter if you are making that important business trip or going out for that special occasion that you have been planning for months. 


Why choose our SUV Limo services?

We aim to make our services as  simple as possible while you ride in one of our luxury vehicles. We know that hiring an SUV limo service brings you the much-needed freedom and we are readily available to help you find what you are looking for at the best price. That is not all! We lessen the hassle of looking for the best ride to suit your occasion.

The service received matters to you

We collect real user reviews, customer reviews and our own experience to help get the appropriate choice. We are happy whenever our customers are happy too!

We are always with you

Our customer support team is there and more than ready to help. We give support whenever you are traveling. If you need to change your plans mid ride, we have no issues making whatever you need  happen.

Our superb rates

We offer affordable rates that are fair to our potential clients. Please check our rates page for more information. They are the best in rates in Tulsa guaranteed.



Tips to our customers

Here are some of the things that you need to keep in mind when looking for our SUV limo services in Tulsa.

  • How many people will you be accompanying? It is really important so that you know if they will fit in one ride after consulting with us.
  • Our limo is well maintained and top of range. The only option will be to choose the most appropriate option to suit your expenses. We are more than ready to help you plan out your budget.
  • Take your time and know why you are renting our services. This offers you a better chance to know what exactly want and avoid unnecessary inconveniences.
  • Our guide is available and easy to follow. It carries the details of who we are and how we operate. Take time to read it through before considering our services and any questions can be asked by contacting our customer support staff.
  • If you are not quite sure of the places you will be visiting, our chauffeurs are there to aid you in your journey and are trustworthy. Lessen the worry of the unknown when you hire us.

Customer’s checklist

  • Your SUV limo service is licensed to free you from traffic cops pulls and any other offenses that relate to unlicensed vehicles.
  • Terms and conditions are always provided to you prior to hiring our service. It is wise to always ask in case of any ambiguity.
  • Cars that are in great condition win over the wrecked ones. We make sure that the hired limo has no problems before making the travel.
  • Double check everything you need. Our staff will be there to help you out.


We are there for you whenever you consider making that one journey that will be in the book of memories. Sky Limo is also available if you have any questions regarding what we offer, our rates, whether we offer services near your location. Contact our customer support, and our staff will be happy to serve you. 


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